Collaborating for Health

Empowering Communities through Data


Collaborating for Health, a community-based approach to improving health

Data on the health and wellbeing of older people often goes uncollected because of age caps. Demographic and health surveys, for example, routinely exclude adults over the age of 49. Because of these gaps in data, policymakers often do not know the extent of the challenges older people face. The Health Outcomes Tool was developed by HelpAge to facilitate easy data collection in low resource community settings. The tool has been deployed across the HelpAge Global Network to collect data across nine countries: Bolivia, Colombia, India, Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.


HelpAge and its network members in these countries are using the Health Outcomes Tool to implement Collaborating for Health. Through Collaborating for Health, communities collect data that they use to engage with NGO partners, health clinics, and ministries of health.


Insights from the data have helped health care workers, home-based caregivers, and government officials better meet the needs of older people. Initiatives developed out of Collaborating for Health include screenings and treatment for NCDs, trainings for health workers, and local government support for projects such as community gardens, exercise clubs, and sanitation systems.


How you can help

Advance the well-being and inclusion of older people around the world.



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