Supporting Older Women in Moldova

HelpAge stops elder abuse, age discrimination, and gender based violence in Moldova

“Abuse against elderly women is a hidden issue, women don’t speak about it. Our goal is to see that every elderly woman knows her rights and that they don’t accept domestic violence as being normal,”

- Tatiana Sorocan, HelpAge Moldova


Violence against women is wide spread in Moldova. According to a 2014 study by HelpAge, one in three older people in Moldova has experienced violence. Two thirds of them are women. One in two older people surveyed reported experiencing psychological violence and one in six has experienced physical violence.

In Moldova, HelpAge works to ensure older women at risk of violence can access support services. We advocate for the government to invest in prevention and response mechanisms that operate effectively. We strengthen the knowledge, skills and capacity of civil society organizations on gender and age discrimination. And we coordinate civil society campaigning against violence and abuse at local, national and international levels. HelpAge together with local partners works to raise awareness among older women in Moldova about their rights and provide support for older victims of domestic violence.

Our work centers on three priorities:

  1. Improve government programs that prevent violence against older people increase the accessibility to support services.
  2. Educate government workers and academic institutions about elder abuse.
  3. Support civil society organizations to take action against gender and age discrimination.


Our work to address gender-based violence in Moldova is supported by the German Government, BMZ, as well as the UN Trust Fund for Women.