Nyakhut's Story

One of the World's Worst Protracted Humanitarian Crises


The Nguenyyiel camp is one of seven refugee camps that have been established in the Ethiopian region of Gambella, close to the South Sudanese border. The civil war that erupted in late 2013 has forced many families to flee. Today, an estimated 2.5 million people have been displaced outside the country—most of whom are living in Ethiopia and Uganda. The needs among South Sudanese refugees are great. Poverty, malnutrition, and disease are constant threats.

In a situation this dire, older people are often the least thought of. Nyakhut is 80 years old and currently resides in the Nguenyyiel refugees camp. She lost her eyesight many years ago and has suffered from other chronic illnesses throughout her life. HelpAge has provided her with shelter assistance as well as a home based-caregiver named Albino. 


Helping older refugees with home-based care and shelter


The Strength of a Survivor


"I came to the Ngunyyiel refugee camp in December 2016 with my 4 grandchildren and my sister’s daughter. We used to live in the Monguni district of South Sudan with my children and grandchildren. 

I lost my children and many relatives due to the horrible war in South Sudan.  When the war got worse, we fled Monguni with other people in our community.  We journed for many days and through the help of others, I managed to cross the Ethiopian border through Gambella and make my way to this camp."

Nyakhut with her home-based caregiver Albino

Care At Home

"Here, I spend my time in our shelter with my grandchildren. It’s very humid in the camps, and it’s hard to sleep at night with all the mosquitos. HelpAge has given me a mattress and bed sheet.


One person who helps me a lot is Albino. He visits me regularly. He helps me to wash and use the latrine; He keeps me company. I always enjoy when he visits me in my shelter. Our chats make me feel a lot better." 



South Sudanese refugees in Gambella

Nyakhut in her shelter with her family, Ngunyyiel Refugee Camp Gambella (c) HelpAge International


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