U Myaing Tin's Story

“My grandpa has taken care of me since I was born. He’s my closest friend.”


Global grandfathers - how we support older people's livelihoods and improve income security

Photo credit: © Hereward Holland/Age International


U Myaing Tin is 70 years old and lives with his daughter and two granddaughters Sandar and Thandar. Through a HelpAge-organized older person’s self help group, he received glasses and a loan to buy livestock and cover household expenses.

In addition to the loan, U Myaing Tin works as a laborer in the paddy fields, earning less than $3 a day. He uses his earnings to cover Sandar and Thandar’s school fees and household expenses.

Since HelpAge began working in his village, U Myaing Tin’s life has changed for the better:

“Without my glasses, everything was dark. The glasses help me to do household chores. Before, I couldn’t see anything, but I can now, so I can keep things clean and tidy.

I am very happy to see my grandchildren in school; I want them to be educated. If I could live to see my grandchildren graduate and get a job, I’d be so happy. Then their life would not be difficult like my life.”


But despite these positive changes, U Myaing Tin still worries about the future.

I worry about my income. I feel unsure because I do not know how I will support them through college. That makes me anxious because I just want the very best for them.


older people who have their health can stay productive, contributing to their families and communities



By investing in the health and livelihoods of older people, entire families will have brighter futures. Parents are supported to make ends meet, and grandchildren can get an education.

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