Grandparent's Day 2018

Grandparents: Critical Contributors to Families and Communities

HelpAge supports grandparents to earn a living and support their families

Lipi Begum is a grandmother, living in a small village 2 hours from Dhaka in Bangladesh.

"A typical day for me involves waking up very early in the morning and getting my granddaughter ready for school. After that I start cooking and cleaning so my children can go to work. I don't rest for even a minute."

HelpAge provides grandparents like Lipi with the health care they need to support their families. The treatment and medicine offered through HelpAge clinics can make all the difference. Before the clinic, Lipi couldn't afford to see a doctor for her chronic pain and was bedridden for months.

"After I got better, I was able to get a job in the factory. I earned a salary of BDT 5000 ($60 USD) which I could save for family expenses. Altogether I saved BDT 100,000 ($120 USD) which enabled me to pay for my daughter's wedding. I felt so proud."

Grandparents around the world contribute to their families and communities, just like Lipi.

We estimate that up to half of the world's children who have been orphaned by AIDS are being brought up by their grandparents.  Other grandparents are caring for children orphaned by war, natural disasters or whose parents have left to find work.  With little or no resources, many older people struggle alone to provide their grandchildren with food, schooling and a future.  And much of the burden of caring for sick people with HIV and AIDS falls to older people.

We help families where older people are caring for children by:

  • Helping grandparents with school costs such as uniforms and books, and vocational training for teenage grandchildren
  • Home care medical kits, information and visits for those caring at home for someone with HIV and AIDS
  • Working with children, parents and grandparents to compile ‘memory books' which help families to record their history and plan for a future after the middle generation dies.
  • Start up grants, seeds, tools, handicraft materials, skills training - to enable older people to earn an income from home while caring for the family
  • Forming support groups where older caregivers can meet for emotional, practical and financial help.

How you can help

Advance the well-being and inclusion of older people around the world.



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