Global AgeWatch Insights

Global AgeWatch Insights Report

2018 Global AgeWatch Insights Report

The Global AgeWatch Insights report provides an update on the progress that has been made toward realizing older people's right to health, specifically looking at how the global drive towards universal health coverage can end older people's exclusion. But in a time of unprecedented demographic and epidemiological change, health care and data systems continue to lag behind.  Older people face serious barriers to accessing health services and remain essentially invisible in global data on health. Global AgeWatch looks at how this impacts the design of health systems and provides a clear path forward on what's needed to improve health and data systems so they can better serve us all.


In addition to the global overview and analysis, Global AgeWatch Insights features in-depth profiles on older people's health in 12 countries:

  • Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
  • Asia: Myanmar, Pakistan, Vietnam
  • Eastern Europe and Middle East: Lebanon, Moldova, Serbia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador


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