Calling for immediate action on climate change.

Older adults are both impacted by and active in working for global climate justice. Older people can have a powerful voice when calling for change and supporting mitigation and adaptation activities. Many older people have the experience to know what communities will face if the climate crisis is not adequately addressed. They have directly felt the consequences of climate change in their daily lives and have witnessed significant changes on the planet in their lifetimes.

They know the impact that continued climate change will have on their families and their communities. Two-thirds of the world’s older people also live in low- and middle-income countries where there is a higher risk of climate-related disasters – like floods, hurricanes, and tropical storms – and the impact of such disasters often disproportionately hits older people.

To strengthen the fight against the climate crisis, HelpAge USA is calling for all with the power to do so to work with older people to:


Amplify their voices when demanding action and holding leaders accountable at the local and national levels.


Ensure that community climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives engage, support, and involve them.


Ensure that they can learn and be informed about the climate crisis and its consequences.

“Crop production that is healthy, organic and sustainable and which respects the land and natural resources is part of the traditions and knowledge of older people and has a role to play in protecting the environment.” Karina Leon, Bolivia

How you can help

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