Supporting older people whose lives have been
devastated by the Ukraine crisis.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine between the government and armed groups is disproportionately harming older people, especially women and those with disabilities, and many have been forced to leave their homes. And while many younger people have been able to relocate to areas outside the conflict zone, older people are often unable to move away. HelpAge has been assisting them since 2015.

Assisting in the midst of crisis

The situation is worsening

The ongoing impact of the conflict is devastating people’s mental and physical health. There’s restricted freedom of movement, widespread landmines, and a lack of access to food and basic services such as healthcare, housing, and social benefits like pensions. Worsening security and the suspension of social benefits for hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people has resulted in a rapidly deteriorating situation for older people. 

We provide humanitarian assistance
and social services

Older people make up approximately 30% of the people (more than one million) affected by the conflict since 2014. We provided humanitarian support to older Ukrainians through home-based care, community hubs for social support, cash assistance, and relief supplies such as hygiene kits and mobility aids.

Nadia, a HelpAge volunteer, provides regular support to older people in Marinka—a town in Eastern Ukraine’s “red zone.” Between the shelling and attacks, Nadia hurries to see those in her care, who are unable to walk, because she knows they’re waiting for her. For many, she’s the only friendly face they see all day.

An on-the-ground look at how
the crisis is impacting lives

After a low 6-year simmer on hostilities, fighting in Eastern Ukraine has escalated. This video, by a HelpAge Global Network partner in Ukraine, tells the story of older people trapped in one of the hot spots, Komyshuvakham, which is currently enduring heavy fighting and artillery barrages. 

How you can help

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