How we support and empower marginalized older people.

Working with our Global Network partners, we help ensure that older people receive the specialized emergency assistance and healthcare they need. We create pathways for secure incomes and educate older people about their rights. And, we work to end the abuse and violence they often encounter.

A few of the things we helped make possible


older people in 17 countries received better health and care services.

3.1 million

older people benefitted from new or revised government health and care policies. 


older people received humanitarian aid in 30 countries.

Our work includes healthy aging, emergencies & humanitarian crises, rights & advocacy, financial security, and mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

Older woman holds a cane while she smiles
© Ben Small, HelpAge International

Healthy Aging

We work at all levels to ensure everyone, at any age, can enjoy their right to health. We educate health care workers about how to treat non-communicable diseases, provide psychosocial support, train home-based caregivers, as well as provide COVID-19 information and protective equipment like masks and hygiene kits.

Older woman in Bhakatapur Nepal walks through a destroyed area. She carries a sack on her back and wears a red dress wrapped around her.

Emergencies & Humanitarian Crises

Less than 1% of humanitarian funding goes toward programs that address the needs of older people, despite the fact that they are especially at risk in disasters. Our work in emergencies helps to ensure that older people’s needs are not overlooked

Three African women stand outside a home and smile for the camera

Rights & Advocacy

We mobilize older people to fight discrimination and claim their rights, including the right to make decisions for themselves. We work to prevent violence and abuse against older people. And, we advance the rights of older women, empower them, and foster their leadership.

Female Daw Lone Tin, 75, weaves a basket
© Ben Small, HelpAge International

Financial Security

We develop pathways to securing incomes, including increased access to social pensions in low and middle-income countries, and providing skills training. We help train older people to run their own businesses and facilitate access to loans/credit for micro-businesses.

Mitigating the impact of COVID-19

Syrian man with facial mask protecting him from COVID-19
© Syrian Expatriate Medical Association

Working with HelpAge Global Network members, we address and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 through advocacy; the distribution of food, hygiene kits, personal protective equipment and medicine; the dissemination of information and awareness; psychosocial support; and community cohesion. We also conduct groundbreaking research that offers insights on COVID-19 and older people.

DC Grandparents

We also do domestic work in the U.S., which includes our DC Grandparents programs. Check out our new pilot, DC Grandparents for Mental Health.

How you can help

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