Supporting older Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Since February 2022, millions of Ukrainian refugees—including countless older people—have fled to Poland in search of safety from Russia’s brutal war. Many of them did not know where they would end up or how they would survive, and few imagined they would stay in Poland for more than a few weeks or months before being able to return to Ukraine. 

As many older Ukrainian refugees remain displaced in Poland due to Russia’s ongoing attacks, HelpAge has been working with our partners on the ground to help them rebuild, access critical support services, and establish their new lives. With generous support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and other donors, HelpAge has been able to implement a series of activities to support older Ukrainians, people with disabilities, and their families through community safe spaces, supportive programming, and more.

New Report

"Out of That Hell, I Ended Up Here:"
The Experiences of Older Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

With the assistance of the Association of Creative Initiatives, “E,” and several local Polish organizations, HelpAge USA interviewed 14 Ukrainian refugees living in Poland in April 2023 to learn more about their experiences leaving Ukraine, making the journey to Poland, and coping with a new reality. We used their voices to develop the following report highlighting their unique stories and needs.

Our Response

With support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, HelpAge has been working to meet the needs of older Ukrainian refugees in Poland as they adjust to a new reality without their homes, savings, belongings, networks, and other critical supports.

Working with Association “E,” in collaboration with 10 organizations in cities across Poland, we have been helping older Ukrainian refugees participate and integrate within Polish communities through:

  • Community safe spaces
  • Supportive programming, including Polish language and exercise classes, art workshops, psychological support, social events, and excursions

Through our partnership with the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM), we were also able to distribute cash to more than 800 older Ukrainian refugees living in Poland.

HelpAge also works inside Ukraine to support older people, who have been especially impacted by the war.

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