Supporting older people in the
aftermath of a devastating earthquake.

On August 14, 2021, a major earthquake devastated Haiti’s southern peninsula. The disaster impacted nearly one million people, including tens of thousands of older people. Ongoing violence and political instability have hindered recovery.  

A report by HelpAge found that older people face hunger, exposure, and poor health because they cannot access food, income, adequate shelter, and healthcare. Read the press release

Our Response

In partnership with Fondation Nouvelle Grand d’Ansé (FNGA), HelpAge has provided relief and recovery activities to support older people and their families in the departments of Grand d’Ansé, Nippes, and Sud. Hygiene kits, food vouchers, and cash transfers have helped stabilize the communities in the wake of the earthquake.

HelpAge has also supported older people to begin to rebuild their lives through livelihoods. Older people received goats to care for, which produce food and income, as well as seeds to restore gardens and crops damaged by the earthquake. They were also provided with assistance to plant beans, spinach, sweet potatoes, and vegetables with high nutritional value.

This work is made possible with support from AARP Foundation.

How you can help

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