Every story is different.
But each one ends with a better life.

 There are just a few of the stories of the older people HelpAge USA and our network partners work for and with to help achieve healthy, safe, secure lives. Which, in turn, helps their families and communities thrive — improving entire societies.

Stories of older people we've helped

Older man in suit and red cap holding cane, walking with support of aid in striped dress.

Home care has made it possible for Fikru to walk again.

Anita and her son sit beside one another while they smile.

Assistance after Typhoon Haiyan helped Anita recover and afford crutches.

Older woman in white dress sitting in wheelchair with daughter in purple dress behind her, in front of grass shack home.

A wheelchair gave Nyayala the ability to leave her home.

Vital support and supplies are helping Olga survive the Ukraine crisis.

Older farmer with muscled arms sitting on ground working with farm instruments.

A loan let U Myaing buy livestock and glasses meant his world was no longer dark.

Older African woman in purple and blue outfit with her tall son and smaller younger son.

Cash assistance meant Margaret could rebuild after a cyclone devastated her home.

Older woman with short dark hair smiling as lies in bed with floral pillow under her head.

Healthcare and psychosocial support allow Almaz to be cared for at home.

Moral support is making all the difference for Lydia in Ukraine.

Older woman from Nepal with her literacy diploma, clapping her hands.

Learning to read changed Dhanamaya’s entire life.

How you can help

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