How We’re Supporting Older People Impacted by the Earthquakes in Syria and Turkey

In the wake of the catastrophic earthquakes that struck parts of Türkiye and Syria on Feb. 6, 2023, our partner the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) has been hard at work in Syria, providing for older people and others who have been affected by the disaster and found themselves at risk.
In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, SEMA distributed clean drinking water and ready-to-eat food packages to those affected in Jindires in Aleppo and in Kafar Loucine in Idlib. They have also provided nearly 100 tents for sheltering against the harsh winter.
SEMA building tents after the Syria/Türkiye earthquake. © Rami Sabbagh/SEMA
SEMA delivering water. © Rami Sabbagh/ SEMA

SEMA runs three hospitals in different cities in Syria, which are currently at full capacity. They have now established mobile clinics in Jindires to respond quickly to urgent medical needs. Each clinic is supplied with a doctor, midwife, nurse, data entry assistant, and driver. An additional five mobile clinics will also be established.

In Jindires, SEMA has distributed:

  • 2,000 packages of bread for 1,000 families
  • 1,000 boxes of water for 500 families
  • Established a camp with 51 tents (for 51 families)
  • Every family has received 2 sponges, 1 mat, 50 liters of diesel, and 2 blankets
  • 50 food baskets have been distributed to 50 families
  • 1 mobile clinic with a full staff is already functioning
  • Child protection teams have carried out protection activities in the work area
SEMA bringing mobile clinics to those affected by the earthquake. © Ammar Nassar/SEMA
SEMA delivering fuel after the Syria/Türkiye earthquake. © Ibrahim Matrooh/SEMA
In Kafar Loucine district in Idlib, SEMA has provided:
  • A shelter center for 48 families
  • Clean drinking water and ready-to-eat food baskets for the 48 families
  • Heaters and fuel for heating in the shelter center

HelpAge will continue to assess the situation and provide emergency aid to local populations, especially older people, as they are one of the most at-risk and disadvantaged groups in times of crisis. We are making sure that the rescue and relief efforts are inclusive of older people and respond to their specific needs.

Our focus for now is providing access to safe shelter, fuel for heating, and hot ready-to-eat meals, as well as warm clothes and blankets to protect against the harsh weather conditions.

Will you take action for older people who need your support?

Donate now to provide immediate assistance to older people and other at-risk groups impacted by the Syria/Türkiye earthquake.
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