A HelpAge volunteer ensures that Avramenko is not alone.

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“I always look forward to the arrival of my volunteer Olga from HelpAge...It’s very hard for me alone, I don’t know what I would do without this support. I am very grateful to HelpAge and Olga for the help and attention."

Meet Avramenko

Avramenko has lived in Marinka most of his life, where he worked in agriculture before retirement. After the outbreak of the armed conflict and his wife’s death in 2015, his children moved away. Consequently, Avramenko lives alone and faces the threat of isolation daily. 

Avramenko’s wife passed from extenuating stress caused by shelling. Avramenko has lung and breathing problems and as such, each step is difficult and causes him shortness of breath. More than once, Avramenko’s home has been shelled, destroying the windows, fences, and doors. The street where he lives has been abandoned by his former neighbors, only he and another older neighbor remain. COVID-19 came during increased hostilities, and Avramenko became increasingly isolated from the world. 

When HelpAge’s project began in Marinka, a volunteer named Olga came to Avramenko and spoke to him about the opportunity to participate. Soon enough, Olga began to visit Avramenko regularly. 

Olga informs Avramenko on developments related to COVID-19, how to comply with protective measures, and how to protect himself from the virus. Recently, Olga assisted Avramenko in attaining affordable medicines from state-sponsored programs. Olga provides Avramenko with psychological aid when she sees the need for it. Olga has accompanied Avramenko to the local hospital for examination and to a specialized medical center. Through Olga’s compassion and HelpAge’s aid, Avramenko sees his life improving. 

How you can help people like Avramenko

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