DC Grandparents Against COVID-19

In 2022, HelpAge USA launched DC Grandparents Against COVID-19, a movement by DC residents 60+ years of age united in encouraging loved ones of all ages to get vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

Activities and Impact

With support from AARP and the DC Department of Aging and Community Living, HelpAge USA provided 24 educational sessions to members, with a diverse range of live speakers who gave presentations and engaged in Q&A and mock conversations. 

Of the 500 older people who signed onto the movement, 96% were African American. An independent evaluation found that DC Grandparents Against COVID-19 demonstrated the power and impact of a movement led by older adults to reduce COVID-19 disparities.

"The movement was successful in increasing participant’s knowledge and awareness of COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters, overall communication skills, and ability to encourage family, friends and neighbors. The findings highlight the utility of community-led strategies to improve health literacy and build demand for COVID-19 vaccines."

Our Leadership

DC Grandparents Against COVID-19 was led by a leadership circle of grandparents. Grandparents Against COVID-19 is a program of HelpAge USA in partnership with the DC Department of Aging and Community Living and AARP DC.

How you can support us

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