Haji Noor Muhammad's paralysis makes it difficult to escape the floods.

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I am hopeful that I will build my house again and these days will be over soon.

Meet Haji Noor Muhammad

Haji Noor Muhammad, 70, from Shaheed Benazirabad district in Sindh Province is paralyzed down the right side of his body. When heavy rains destroyed his home, he struggled to make it to a safer place. 

“I lost my house which was my biggest asset. Thank God, the community members came to help me and helped me save the few animals that I had,” said Mr. Noor. 

Mr. Noor’s neighbors helped him to get to a temporary shelter along with his animals. However, he is unable to access the vital medicines he needs and his condition is getting worse every day. 

Many older people have lost access to their medicines which were swept away along with their homes and property. Hospitals, health centers, and pharmacies were also destroyed, either swept away or inundated with water.

HelpAge, through local partner HANDS, is supporting the district government to drain water from essential infrastructures such as hospitals and dispensaries. In addition, we distribute critical shelter and household items to older people and their families.

How you can help people like Haji Noor Muhammad

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