Help Us Protect Older Women from Witchcraft Killings

Four older women accused of being “witches” were lynched and murdered by members of their community in Kenya this week.

Allegations of witchcraft are on the increase in certain parts of Kenya. Such accusations can lead to barbaric acts of violence against older women, often from members of their own families seeking to profit from their death.

In response to this week’s horrific killings, HelpAge International joined forces with 21 other organizations to call for the Kenyan government to take immediate action to stop this barbaric practice and to deliver justice for the four murdered women.

Carole Ageng’o, HelpAge International’s regional representative in Africa, said: “This shocking practice is colored by deeply ageist attitudes and motivated by greed. It is leading to the brutal death of too many older women – and even men – at the hands of their own families while no action is being taken against the perpetrators. This must stop. 

The authorities in Kenya must investigate these crimes and put in place measures to deter any future false accusations of witchcraft, making sure that older women and men can lead safe and secure lives.” 

You can read the full statement issued by the consortium of 22 organizations here.

This article was originally published by HelpAge International. 

Your contribution can help us protect older people from this violence.

An older African woman is turned around looking at her village. We only see the back of her. She is wearing a long floral scarf and a floral kaftan.
© Benjamin Schilling / HelpAge International

1 thought on “Help Us Protect Older Women from Witchcraft Killings”

  1. It is important to speak against violence and the complete failure to respect people. Millions of humans have been slaughtered, tortured and harmed all over the world, and nothing is done to protect these victims. One of the issues that has been behind the harm of older women in Africa is that they have no way to earn a living, and many assumed the role of engaging in cervical/genital mutilation as a way of making money. In one USAIDS grant I worked on, we proposed paying these older women to prevent them from trying to make money through harming small girls. Of course, USAID could care less. USAID doesn’t even support schools or community sewage treatment or clean water or health. Today, genital mutilation is widespread across the USA wherever Muslims live, and American judges have refused to stop the practice as they are claiming it’s religious in nature. Wow. OK, to harm little girls who don’t consent to being destroyed for life as some religious thought police wants to make sure females never enjoy sexuality.

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