India COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise

Orienting on the use of oximeter
An older man has his blood oxygen levels checked by a doctor. © GRAVIS

In April, we reported on the severe rise in cases across India during the second wave of COVID-19 prompted by the Delta variant. Health systems in India were unable to respond to the increase in cases, seeing a widespread lack of essential medical items and support. Our work continues to ensure that the safety and needs of older people are met. Older people in India still face an urgent need for food, water, hygiene kits, personal health support, sanitation, and vaccine support. In particular, the second wave has exacerbated a hunger crisis across India. Some 196 million people in India are undernourished and the second wave has only exacerbated this crisis.

Your support towards our global COVID-19 response can help us to continue this vital work in India, and around the world.

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