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Jennie Chin Hansen

Jennie’s career has been in federal and state aging policy, as well as care design and delivery systems. She was the immediate past CEO of the American Geriatrics Society (AGS), the largest professional membership organization of gero-clinicians committed to the care of older adults living with care complexity. Immediately prior, she was president of the 38 million-member AARP during the negotiations and development of the 2010 federal Affordable Care Act. She currently contributes in the areas of dementia, workforce, chronic complex care, health equity as well as establishing geriatric emergency departments.

Her primary career encompasses nearly 25 years in San Francisco providing integrated, globally financed, and comprehensive medical and community-based services for nursing home eligible older persons. Its groundbreaking funding and coordinated service delivery system became the prototype for the 1997 federal law that established the Program of All Inclusive Care to the Elderly (PACE) into the Medicare and Medicaid programs. PACE now operates extensively in California and in 31 other states and Washington DC.

Her decades of work have led to awards from various national societies, media and her academic institutions.

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