Kondial Older Women’s Restaurant Group


Working in the restaurant has given me a knowledge of running a business that was previously unavailable to me. The business has boosted my motivation and confidence for making a living on my own.

Nyabial Tut, 60 years old, Cashier, Kondial Women’s Restaurant Group

At the Ngunyyiel refugee camp in Gambella, Ethiopia, HelpAge is supporting older South Sudanese women to start small businesses. One of these start-ups is the Kondial Older Women’s Restaurant Group, run by 20 older women and people with disabilities. Through seed capital from HelpAge, the group purchased equipment and materials to open their restaurant in the camp. The group members constructed the roof and frame of the restaurant themselves.

We provide services like tea, kisra (a South Sudanese crepe made from sorghum), porridge, bread, water, and soft drinks for the community here. Our plan is to offer more diverse services through the restaurant.

Chol Pur, 63-years-old, Chair, Kondial Women’s Restaurant Group

Before opening the restaurant, the group members got a short training on how to run a restaurant business from HelpAge staff. HelpAge Gambella’s Livelihood Officer also assisted the Kondial Women’s Restaurant Group in drafting bylaws, which helped established the business structure as well as the roles and responsibilities of members.

Today, the restaurant is making a profit, helping older women and people with disabilities in the refugee camp earn income for their families. HelpAge is the only organization in the camp supporting older people through livelihood and business development activities.

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