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At HelpAge USA, the voices of older people drive everything we do. Motivated by the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on marginalized older people in the U.S., HelpAge USA launched DC Grandparents Against COVID-19 in 2022, a movement of 500 older, primarily Black adults in Washington, DC.

Now, with HelpAge USA’s support, they’re taking on mental health, determined to be part of the solution by learning how to effectively support others. Learn more about this inspiring group, the latest pilot program, and how our DC Grandparents are coming together to address the mental health crisis in their communities.

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DC Grandparents Against COVID-19

Launched in 2022, DC Grandparents Against COVID-19 empowered Washington, DC, residents aged 60+ to be agents of change, united in a shared goal to encourage loved ones of all ages to get vaccinated and boosted.

DC Grandparents for Mental Health

Building on the success of DC Grandparents Against COVID-19, DC Grandparents for Mental Health will enable members of the African American community to receive mental health support from trusted older people.

“So many people have mental illness, especially from COVID-19. We see it every day. We all need to join together … If we are trained and there is one person we can stop or save, that would make a big difference. Everybody needs to know they are not alone.”

– Judy Brown, Ward 8 Resident and DC Grandparent

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For more information about partnerships or volunteering with DC Grandparents,
please contact us at 202-709-8442 or info@helpageusa.org.

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