The Face of a Mass Exodus: The Older Women Caught Up in a War

Women and children have always been victims of war and Ukraine’s conflict is no different. Yet the faces are markedly older in this crisis: 25% of Ukrainians are 60 or over, making this the world’s “oldest” war. 

We have been speaking to the older women fleeing the country to Moldova as they contemplate starting their lives all over again.

© Israel Fuguemann / HelpAge International

“Trains were so crowded that people were clinging to the outsides and falling. I managed to find a place to sleep, while my daughter slept on our luggage. It was like the last days of Pompeii or the fall of Carthage.” Read more from Anna

© Israel Fuguemann / HelpAge International

“My father named me ‘Viktoria’ for victory, anticipating a win over the Nazi invaders. Eight decades later and I am living the same moments over and over again through this war. I cannot believe this is happening again.” Read more from Viktoria

© Sarah Pilchick / HelpAge International

“I want to see my husband Sasha again, but I have to go where my son goes. If he stays, I will stay. If he goes, I will go. But it never changes. I am so alone.” Read more from Lyudmila

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