Older Women

closing the gender divide in old age, women's equality

The Challenges

Women face many forms of discrimination, especially in poor countries. As women grow older, the challenges they face are exacerbated by the intersection of gender inequality and age discrimination.



Traditional and cultural perspectives of women and old age put women at risk of abuse or violence. The abuse women suffer can be physical, emotional, verbal, or financial.


Participation in Political Life

Women are often deprived of their right to participate in the political process or decision-making.



Illiteracy rates among older women are much higher than older men. Low education levels restrict their participation in public life and limits their access to services and entitlements. Women are often forced into low paying jobs or unpaid work which prevents them from accumulating assets or savings.


Access to Health

Postmenopausal conditions and diseases are often neglected in research, studies, and public policy. In poor countries, few health care providers are trained in geriatrics, let alone the special needs of older women.


Property and Inheritance

Women who are unmarried or widowed face discrimination in legal systems, which creates barriers to rightful inheritance and property ownership.



Our Solutions

See how HelpAge mobilizes our global network and civil society to advance the rights of older women. We help foster leadership among older women and ensure they are reached with the health care and services they need. Read more about our projects now.

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