Events We Love: Supporting Older Ukrainians With a Community Yard Sale

Have you ever wondered, “does my donation really make a difference? How can I do…more?”

After speaking to Joey Pearson, a HelpAge USA supporter living in New Hampshire, the answer was clear: It can be as simple as cleaning out a few old items from your house.

Earlier this month, the Pearson family put together an ingenious fundraising and awareness event for older Ukrainians in the form of a yard sale, repurposing old toys, books, and more to help give back on a global scale.

Held in honor of neighbors, loved ones, and other community members who have been directly impacted by the war in Ukraine, the event was all about raising awareness for the unique challenges facing older Ukrainians. Ukraine has the largest number of older people affected by conflict anywhere in the world—25% of the population. 

Many of them remain in or near conflict zones due to disability, poverty, or lack of opportunity, which means they are left to pick up the pieces and navigate the devastating conditions, often without electricity, adequate water, food, medications, or connection with family.

“We have neighbors who are older Ukrainians and know many in our community who have been affected. So, this isn’t some far-away issue to us. It is here, at home,” said Joey.

Thanks to the generosity of incredible donors like Joey, we are coming together to help the millions of older people at risk of being overlooked around the world. After all, that is what it means to support HelpAge USA. 

Learn more about the impact of your donations in Ukraine here, or let us know how YOU are fundraising on behalf of marginalized older people. We love to see your creativity in action! 

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