Kenya Floods Threatening Older People and Other At-Risk Communities

The devastating floods that have swept through the Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Tana River counties in Kenya since March and claimed more than 200 lives have created significant challenges for the people caught up in the crisis. The disaster has exposed at-risk communities to dire circumstances, particularly impacting the older people who often struggle to access essential resources and support services. 

HelpAge has been assessing how older people are likely to be affected by the devastating flood in Kenya and what response will be required. 

“As the numbers affected by the flood rises, we are deeply concerned about the potential impact on older people. They often experience heightened vulnerabilities during natural disasters and the current situation is no exception. With floodwaters spreading across communities, there’s a pressing need to ensure that the specific needs of older people are addressed.

As the government warns people to move to higher grounds, older people are likely to be left behind due to limited mobility. We are monitoring the situation and reaching out to our partners to assess how the specific needs of older people affected by the floods can be addressed.”

– Fred Wandera, HelpAge’s Humanitarian Programs Manager, Uganda

In the aftermath of floods, older people face challenges such as accessing essential support services and receiving the available aid. The supply of essential items like regular medicine for chronic health conditions is also often disrupted. 

With the onset of Cyclone Hidaya, the death toll is expected to increase. Any further damage will compound the needs of those most at risk. 

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