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Headshot of Emi Kiyota

Dr. Emi Kiyota

Strategic Advisor

Emi is an environmental gerontologist, consultant, and organizational culture change specialist. She is the founder and director of Ibasho, which facilitates socially integrated communities throughout the world that value their elders.

She currently serves as a consultant to enhance long-term care practices and is on the board of directors of the Global Ageing Network. Emu has published extensively in her field and has developed pre-design programming for senior housing and addiction treatment centers. She has received some of the nation’s most prestigious fellowships in her field, including ones from Harvard University and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Emi has a Ph.D. in Architecture – Environment and Behavior Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Horticulture Therapy from Kansas State University.

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