A loan let U Myaing buy livestock
and glasses meant his world
was no longer dark.

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Older farmer with muscled arms sitting on ground working with farm instruments.
© Hereward Holland/Age International

“Without my glasses, everything was dark. The glasses help me to do household chores. Before, I couldn’t see anything, but I can now, so I can keep things clean and tidy."

U Myaing lives in Myanmar with his daughter and two granddaughters, Sandar and Thandar. He works as a laborer in the paddy fields, earning less than $3 a day. He uses his wages to cover Sandar and Thandar’s school fees and household expenses. He says: “I am very happy to see my grandchildren in school; I want them to be educated. If I could live to see my grandchildren graduate and get a job, I’d be so happy. Then their lives would not be difficult like mine.”

Once HelpAge began working in his village, his life improved significantly

Through a HelpAge-organized older person’s self-help group, U Myaing received glasses and a loan to buy livestock and cover household expenses.

U Myaing worries about his family’s future

U Myaing says: “I worry about my income. I feel unsure because I do not know how I will support [my grandchildren] through college. That makes me anxious because I just want the very best for them.” His granddaughters are grateful for his love and support, and one told us: “My grandpa has taken care of me since I was born. He’s my closest friend.”

How you can help people like U Myaing

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